Baby’s dress is almost a reality!

I’m this close to finishing Olivia’s jumper dress and bloomers (from Amy Butler’s Little Stitches)! Really, all that’s left to do is sewing on two buttons. Not really sure why I haven’t done that yet….

I have also started organising my sewing room. I have an entire room for sewing, so you’d think I can manage to keep my small fabric stash and tools organised…I think the main problem is that I hold on to all but the tiniest scraps of fabric, just in case, even though I have never attempted a quilt or anything like that. And rather than ironing cutting those pieces into rectangles and putting them into a box, say, I just push them all into bags that I then simply throw on the floor in the closet. It worked for me, but my husband started complaining. And I do appreciate order too, it’s just too much of an effort, usually. But I finally decided to do something about it, and I’m making progress. I might even share a picture of the sewing room when it’s all tidied up, someday.


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My first encounter with Daiya

I’d read a lot of very positive things about Daiya, a vegan cheese alternative. Most vegan “cheese” is not all that cheese-like, really, but this one was supposed to be very good. So, when we went to the health food store last weekend, and I saw the Daiya in the fridge, I had to try it. (I also bought halva, chocolate, and cookies; I seem to be under the impression that if it’s sold at the health food store, it’s healthy, and I can get all I want!)

We first tried it on top of some spaghetti squash with pasta sauce, and were very impressed – it does melt and stretch, and it tastes quite good. And yesterday I made pizza, and tried some on there too. Very good indeed, and my omni husband thought so too. I’ve been snacking on it straight out of the bag, too.

I must say, though, that after all these years of being vegan (8+ years already!), I’ve gotten used to pizza without cheese; in fact, I like it that way! So, while Daiya certainly is a good product (and Canadian), I probably won’t be buying it very often, just because I don’t feel a particular need for it.


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My baby is growing up so fast

She’ll be six months on Thursday, and she can now sit up alone (for a little while, anyway)! It’s so amazing to watch her hit new milestones all the time. She now stretches out her arms towards us if she wants to be picked up, she’s had her first few sips of water (we let her drink from our glass, which she loves, probably in part because she can chew on it and that feels good on her gums), and she’s got a high chair, and loves sitting in it like a big girl.

Sewing progress is very slow. I have cut out all the shell fabric pieces for the Lady Grey coat. That alone took forever. I would take a few minutes every night when I went up to get ready for bed, and lay out some pattern pieces, or do some pinning, or some cutting. I think that took me two weeks or so. Now I still need to mark those pieces, and cut out the lining pieces and interfacing. And then I can finally start sewing! This coat might just be done by next autumn!

I received Crazy Sexy Diet last week or so, and finished reading that in a few days (although I skipped the chapters on meat and dairy for now, since I don’t eat those anyway). I love the book; I find it very inspiring. I’m not able to try the whole ‘diet’ yet, since I don’t have a juicer, but I am trying to stay away from refined sugar, and I may even go off gluten for a while, if my husband is supportive (and he just might be!). It’s funny: I’d read about the importance of pH before, but it wasn’t until I came across this book that I felt motivated to make some changes.

Just one thing about the book I’m not crazy about: I find the tone sometimes a little too girlfriend-like, and I think that might put some people off it, particularly men. The book really seems to be aimed at women, which is a pity, because the information is important for everybody. But, while the writing style is a little over the top for me too, I still very much recommend this book, because, as I mentioned, it contains a lot of very good information that is explained well, and it did inspire me to start making some changes in my life.

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Babies take up a lot of time; who knew?

It is so hard to get things done around here. Well, I could easily get more done, but I don’t want to just leave my baby in the car seat or bassinet if she’s not happy there. And she just happens to love being in mama’s or daddy’s arms. So I hold her, happily.

And while I love holding her and spending time with her, it does mean I don’t get to do as much sewing as I’d like. The only progress I’ve made recently is turning the hem on that dress I’ve almost finished (haven’t gotten around to sewing it yet, though), and cutting out a few pieces for the Lady Grey coat.

I have been able to do some yoga every morning (with perhaps one exception on the weekend) for the past two weeks, and that means a lot to me. It can seem hard to get started sometimes, what with being tired and hungry, but I really do feel so much better after a little yoga. And Olivia has been cooperating pretty well. My motivation has been Kris Carr‘s Crazy Sexy Diet, even though I haven’t even gotten the book yet. But it’s on its way, and I can’t wait to read it!

For Valentine’s Day yesterday, I made some raw brownies. They were delicious! I really want to try making more raw food, but it seems to require some expensive equipment (juicer, high-speed blender, dehydrator), that my husband isn’t (yet) willing to invest in. And a lot of the recipes that don’t require those toys call for vegetables that are on the dirty dozen list, and that we therefore only buy organic. Which is a problem because where we live, it’s hard to find a lot of organic produce. Good thing that we’re moving in a few months!


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Sewing again – at last!

After having spent most of the past five months on the sewing sidelines, I’m finally ready to do some sewing again myself. On the weekend, I made three scarves out of a cotton plaid. My husband had wanted matching scarves for all three off us, so that’s what he got. Of course, scarves are about as easy and simple as it gets, but it’s something! And I used French seams on two of the scarves, just to try those out.

Last week, I made a lot of progress on a dress (Simplicity 3745 – now out of print). I’m down to the point where I’m supposed to insert the zipper, but I don’t have any in the right size. And I think I’ll put off a visit to the fabric store until I start working on my next project, just in case I need some extra materials for that, too. Anyway, all I have left to do on this dress is inserting the zipper and hemming. And possibly finishing the seams somehow.

My next project might be theĀ Lady Grey coat. So far I cut out the pattern pieces and bought the fabric (a wool/acrylic blend for the outside, and polyester lining; if it works out, I might splurge on more luxurious fabrics for a remake) and buttons. I’m debating whether or not to make a muslin….I know I should, but it takes up precious sewing time.

I also want to make some more bags. I bought Amy Butler’s Weekender Travel Bag pattern, and U-Handbag’s Highbrow Hobo bag.

So much to do, so little time….

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I had wanted to blog about my sewing projects, mostly as a way to keep notes, and in the hope that it would motivate me to sew more. But reality is that with a 4.5-month-old baby, there just isn’t going to be all that much sewing. So I’m going to write about whatever I feel like, and not limit myself to any topics in particular. Be warned, though, that there will likely be a lot of posts on all sorts of baby-related things, since at this point, my life pretty much revolves around my baby.

And it’s a super-cute baby, if I do say so myself:

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