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Sewing again – at last!

After having spent most of the past five months on the sewing sidelines, I’m finally ready to do some sewing again myself. On the weekend, I made three scarves out of a cotton plaid. My husband had wanted matching scarves for all three off us, so that’s what he got. Of course, scarves are about as easy and simple as it gets, but it’s something! And I used French seams on two of the scarves, just to try those out.

Last week, I made a lot of progress on a dress (Simplicity 3745 – now out of print). I’m down to the point where I’m supposed to insert the zipper, but I don’t have any in the right size. And I think I’ll put off a visit to the fabric store until I start working on my next project, just in case I need some extra materials for that, too. Anyway, all I have left to do on this dress is inserting the zipper and hemming. And possibly finishing the seams somehow.

My next project might be theĀ Lady Grey coat. So far I cut out the pattern pieces and bought the fabric (a wool/acrylic blend for the outside, and polyester lining; if it works out, I might splurge on more luxurious fabrics for a remake) and buttons. I’m debating whether or not to make a muslin….I know I should, but it takes up precious sewing time.

I also want to make some more bags. I bought Amy Butler’s Weekender Travel Bag pattern, and U-Handbag’s Highbrow Hobo bag.

So much to do, so little time….


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I had wanted to blog about my sewing projects, mostly as a way to keep notes, and in the hope that it would motivate me to sew more. But reality is that with a 4.5-month-old baby, there just isn’t going to be all that much sewing. So I’m going to write about whatever I feel like, and not limit myself to any topics in particular. Be warned, though, that there will likely be a lot of posts on all sorts of baby-related things, since at this point, my life pretty much revolves around my baby.

And it’s a super-cute baby, if I do say so myself:

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