My baby is growing up so fast

She’ll be six months on Thursday, and she can now sit up alone (for a little while, anyway)! It’s so amazing to watch her hit new milestones all the time. She now stretches out her arms towards us if she wants to be picked up, she’s had her first few sips of water (we let her drink from our glass, which she loves, probably in part because she can chew on it and that feels good on her gums), and she’s got a high chair, and loves sitting in it like a big girl.

Sewing progress is very slow. I have cut out all the shell fabric pieces for the Lady Grey coat. That alone took forever. I would take a few minutes every night when I went up to get ready for bed, and lay out some pattern pieces, or do some pinning, or some cutting. I think that took me two weeks or so. Now I still need to mark those pieces, and cut out the lining pieces and interfacing. And then I can finally start sewing! This coat might just be done by next autumn!

I received Crazy Sexy Diet last week or so, and finished reading that in a few days (although I skipped the chapters on meat and dairy for now, since I don’t eat those anyway). I love the book; I find it very inspiring. I’m not able to try the whole ‘diet’ yet, since I don’t have a juicer, but I am trying to stay away from refined sugar, and I may even go off gluten for a while, if my husband is supportive (and he just might be!). It’s funny: I’d read about the importance of pH before, but it wasn’t until I came across this book that I felt motivated to make some changes.

Just one thing about the book I’m not crazy about: I find the tone sometimes a little too girlfriend-like, and I think that might put some people off it, particularly men. The book really seems to be aimed at women, which is a pity, because the information is important for everybody. But, while the writing style is a little over the top for me too, I still very much recommend this book, because, as I mentioned, it contains a lot of very good information that is explained well, and it did inspire me to start making some changes in my life.


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