My first encounter with Daiya

I’d read a lot of very positive things about Daiya, a vegan cheese alternative. Most vegan “cheese” is not all that cheese-like, really, but this one was supposed to be very good. So, when we went to the health food store last weekend, and I saw the Daiya in the fridge, I had to try it. (I also bought halva, chocolate, and cookies; I seem to be under the impression that if it’s sold at the health food store, it’s healthy, and I can get all I want!)

We first tried it on top of some spaghetti squash with pasta sauce, and were very impressed – it does melt and stretch, and it tastes quite good. And yesterday I made pizza, and tried some on there too. Very good indeed, and my omni husband thought so too. I’ve been snacking on it straight out of the bag, too.

I must say, though, that after all these years of being vegan (8+ years already!), I’ve gotten used to pizza without cheese; in fact, I like it that way! So, while Daiya certainly is a good product (and Canadian), I probably won’t be buying it very often, just because I don’t feel a particular need for it.



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