Baby’s dress is almost a reality!

I’m this close to finishing Olivia’s jumper dress and bloomers (from Amy Butler’s Little Stitches)! Really, all that’s left to do is sewing on two buttons. Not really sure why I haven’t done that yet….

I have also started organising my sewing room. I have an entire room for sewing, so you’d think I can manage to keep my small fabric stash and tools organised…I think the main problem is that I hold on to all but the tiniest scraps of fabric, just in case, even though I have never attempted a quilt or anything like that. And rather than ironing cutting those pieces into rectangles and putting them into a box, say, I just push them all into bags that I then simply throw on the floor in the closet. It worked for me, but my husband started complaining. And I do appreciate order too, it’s just too much of an effort, usually. But I finally decided to do something about it, and I’m making progress. I might even share a picture of the sewing room when it’s all tidied up, someday.


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